About The Body Project

Welcome. If you are all about body acceptance and Self-love, you’ve popped into the right place. The Body Project is an ongoing project for which I’m creating a book of awesome women of all shapes, sizes, personalities, etc. that makes a statement on the phrase, “body positive”–an idea not being depicted well, STILL, in the media. This is through my business, katy daixon photography.

I will be photographing ten women at a time, various Sundays every month from January through June. The photographs will depict a part of the body (or the whole body) each woman isn’t/hasn’t been proud of and on that body part will be written: “I appreciate you” or anything else each woman would like to say about herself to affirm that she’s awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

The goal is to not only bring women to a point of comfort in and with their bodies, but to hopefully begin a dialogue amongst women about how beauty is portrayed in our society and how we can lift each other above this standard toward Self-love and body acceptance.

For a deeper description/explanation of the why behind this project, please check out my first blog post. Thanks for reading and please never hesitate to ask questions or share your story. โค


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